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‘Look How Far You’ve Come!’ is a series of multiple video installations featuring individual and group performances of people laughing hysterically. These performances are then projected in large scales across three separate rooms, played in a continuous loop to mimic a mechanical way of laughter exploring the authenticity of genuine emotions.

Room 1 

is an installation piece consisting of three video works, juxtaposed to convey the full intensity of laughter to horror, tears and discomfort respectively. The piece explores the authenticness of our behaviours and reactions in social environments. Green lighting sets the stage for alienation and psychological turmoil, and suggests the satirical notions of permission and authorisation. 

Room 2

‘Déjà Vu’
is a video projection consisting of two groups of people laughing hysterically and continuously for a full minute, followed by twenty minutes of alternating footage. Blown-up faces back-projected onto a ceiling, and the seemingly jarring set-up recalls the uncanny experiences of looking upwards from presumably a child’s cot/bed and from the burial ditch/ grave. Apart from the common narrative of cradle to grave, this works places the human mind in a liminal state of disconcerting familiarity and comforting alienation.

Room 3

The Last Laugh’
is an immersive installation composed of multiple video projections of people laughing for about a minute straight, presented in a loop.  Displayed in a tightly packed grid-like manner, the work is reminiscent of a “living memoriam” in the style of a columbarium. The irony here lies in the juxtaposition of a light-hearted scenario against a solemn backdrop, leading the audience to engage in an apparent ethical dilemma, that is not always untrue.

Room 1 : In-genuity

Room 2 : Déjà Vu

Room 3: The Last Laugh

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